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A fusion of digital and physical, the Samyata Store app lists your business’s inventory so when shoppers search for a product, they see exactly who is selling it near them and how to buy it immediately.

Personal Shopper

Attract Nearby Shoppers & Increase Orders.

Every day someone walks past your store looking for something you carry, but they buy it from someone else because they don’t know you have it. Samyata’s location-aware technology puts your store on the map, helping customers find you. Samyata also provides you with a way to reach online and mobile shoppers, giving you a new market to sell to.

Analytics & Inventory Tracking Made Easy.

Samyata Store automatically provides insights into your daily operations. Best selling items, inventory turnover rates, information about peak hours and days, and more - all immediately available.

Samyata Store tracks your inventory so you know exactly what’s in your store, what’s running low, and how much you’ve sold.

Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper

Multiple Delivery Options.

Shoppers have strong preferences about how they get their orders. That’s why Samyata gives your customers access to options including in-store pickup and personal shopper delivery at no additional cost to your store.

Lower Transaction Fees with deyaPay.

Samyata is fully integrated with the deyaPay payment processing system. Processing fees for transfers between deyaPay accounts are instantaneous and up to 8 times lower than credit card transaction fees, meaning your money stays with you.

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

  • Attract the 79% of shoppers who have made mobile purchases.
  • Join the 70% of stores who increase their sales by going online.
  • Save nearly 50% with Samyata when compared to other options for selling online.
  • Provide free order tracking which is important to 99% of shoppers.
  • Deliver at no cost to the store using pickup, personal shoppers, and shipping.
  • Drive cross-sells to up to 79% of shoppers.


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Gananam Store
Become a shopper.

A new and efficient retail commerce platform and ecosystem to bring stores, shoppers and personal shoppers together in a geographically specific, simple buying and selling experience.

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Make money as a personal shopper.

Deliver shopper purchases. Be your own boss, do it when you want, and get paid right away.

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Pay for it your way with deyaPayTM in Bodaty apps and webapps

Immediate access to Samyata Store earnings. Send to your bank any time you want

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